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Volunteer Treasurer

As Treasurer, your duties will include:
– Overseeing and presenting budgets, accounts, and financial statements to the management committee.
– Ensuring that all individuals handling money maintain proper records and documentation.
– Making sure that proper financial records are kept and that effective financial procedures are in place.
– Monitoring and reporting on the financial health of the organization and liaising with designated colleagues regarding financial matters.
– Overseeing the production of necessary financial reports, returns, and accounts.
Additionally, you will:
– Collaborate with relevant colleagues, committee members, and volunteers to ensure the organization’s financial health.
– Inform committee members of their financial responsibilities and lead the interpretation of financial data for them.
– Consistently report on the financial status at committee meetings, including the balance sheet, cash flow, and fundraising performance.
– Present the accounts at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
– Maintain accurate records and implement effective financial procedures and controls, such as cheque signing authorities.
Required: Experience in financial control and budgeting.
Desirable: Experience in fundraising.
Essential: Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Critical: Ability to ensure decisions are implemented and monitored.

If you are interested or would like additional information. please contact
Norma Thompson:  Tel: 07828 446672
Or By Post: 
Norma Thompson, Chair
Swindon Seniors Forum,
c/o Voluntary Action,
1 St John Street, Swindon SN1 1RT