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MDMA Awareness Information

Uturn would like to share some information about MDMA/Ecstasy following a school contacting them recently after staff over heard some students talking about Bitcoin. Originally they assumed it was regarding digital currency but then became curious and contacted UTURN where we wondered if they could have actually been talking about MDMA. The other common word used when YP refer to MDMA is Ping or Pinga/Pinger, they do also use the name of the design eg. Bitcoing, Blue Punisher, Rolex, Donald Trump etc.

Here is a picture of what the Bitcoin Pills could look like:

There was an alert raised about these Bitcoin pills in Manchester in February 2023 – some of the pills were tested and found to contain Cathinones not MDMA. It is so important that if you know any YP taking any type of pill or powder that they get these tested so that they know what it is they are using. We recommend to all the YP open to UTURN to use Wedinos – this is a free, anonymous service where you can get your substances tested. They just have to print off the drug sample form, generate a unique code from the website and send off a small sample of the substance. Results are usually published within 3-7 days.

WEDINOS – Welsh Emerging Drugs & Identification of Novel Substances Project

At UTURN we also have reagent drug test kits for Ketamine, Amphetamine, Cocaine, 2CB and MDMA. Again, if you know a YP is using any of these please get in touch and we can either give you the harm reduction advice and guidance or we can talk to the YP directly. They do not have to be open to UTURN to be able to access our support.

This website below is excellent, please read it so you can update your knowledge and understanding about MDMA and Ectasy. It is important the YP know how to use this substance safely should they choose to use it. MDMA and Ecstasy does and will kill YP and adults if used without knowledge of harm and how to use safely. Also see the attached MDMA leaflet.

Drugs and Me | Benefit and Harm Management for Recreational Drugs

Short-term Risks Using MDMA
MDMA causes raise in body temperature and deregulates the body’s natural thermoregulation. This adds up to other factors such as dehydration and dancing in hot settings during hours. Keep hydrated and take regular breaks to avoid overheating.

Dehydration or hyperhydration:
Many MDMA-related injuries are due to dehydration. Dehydration contributes to heatstroke. Make sure to drink water during the night, but not too much as too much water can lead to health risks of its own. The general rule is 500ml of water per hour. It is extremely hot at the moment so this will also contribute to an increase in body temperature, in turn increasing the risks.

Long-term Risks:
Brain toxicity
There are studies that indicate brain toxicity can occur after MDMA use. However, there is little or no knowledge of what the consequences are.

MDMA is not as addictive as other stimulants or depressants. However, like any other drug, it is possible to become dependent if it becomes a habit.

How to know if someone took an overdose:
• Vomiting
• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Serotonin syndrome: increased heart rate, shivering, twitching, over-responsive reflexes, extremely high temperatures

If you would like some advice and guidance from UTURN please get in touch. They are happy to offer training to any teams in Swindon – it is completely free and the feedback from teams who have done this has been really positive.

If you would like to refer a YP please use the link below. If you would like one of our new leaflets please send me your details and I will post them out. I have attached the electronic version.
Make a referral to U-turn | Swindon Borough Council

Any questions please feel free to email the uturn email address:

Download the Uturn flyer

Download a MDMA flyer