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Legend Inclusive Training

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Since 2016, Disability Experts CIC have been supporting people with a wide range of disabilities, health conditions and mental health conditions to find their place in society, train or retrain for employment or by helping people to understand important life decisions by explaining things in a format they can understand.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 they have been working more and more with people who do not see themselves as having a disability but have experienced significant life difficulties – mainly through providing training, qualifications and employment support in a changing world.  As a result in April 2023, this part of the service provided by Disability Experts CIC was rebranded as Legend Inclusive Training (LIT) reflecting that people do not necessarily need a disability, health condition or mental health condition to take advantage of our inclusive training and employment programmes, helping people to overcome their own individual difficulties.

We have also spread our wings by providing affordable, inclusive training to people and groups who work in the voluntary sector, helping them to be knowledgeable in their line of employment or volunteering.