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SBC Adult Community Learning

SBC Adult Community Learning
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SBC Adult Community Learning offer courses to help learners develop knowledge, skills and confidence.

We at the SBC Adult Community Learning team offers a wide range of courses and works across Swindon providing adults the opportunity to develop new skills including the chance to improve their English, Maths and IT knowledge and understanding; to help build learner's confidence to return to work or become a volunteer and to improve their own health and wellbeing. A wide variety of courses are available.
We aim:
 to provide high quality learning to support learners develop the necessary knowledge and skills
 to achieve outstanding outcomes to enable them to progress in life, work and well-being regardless of their starting points.
We have developed our strap line- ‘Know It, Do It, Live It’
We look to help our learners know more and be able to do more whilst also improving their health and wellbeing, make positive changes to their lifestyles, improve social inclusion and make ambitious plans for their future.

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Adults aged 19+
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Our provision is targeted at priority residents of Swindon including:  the unemployed,  those earning less than £17K,  care leavers,  19+ NEETS,  adults with low literacy, numeracy and digital skills,  those with mental health or other health conditions,  those with learning difficulties or disabilities  those at risk of social exclusion.
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