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Asthma Relief Trustee vacancies

Asthma Relief is a charity which was set up in 1997, by retired Swindon engineer, Dave Penman. Sadly, many years earlier Dave’s 28 year old brother died following an Asthma attack. Dave had always hoped that when he retired from running his engineering business, he would be able to do something to help asthmatics and people with breathing problems.

However, in 1997, Dave suffered a massive heart attack and was advised by the doctors that he would not be able to work again. During his time in hospital, Dave noticed that the patients on his ward were sharing one nebuliser (a nebuliser is a device which is used to administer a solution of medication in the form of a fine mist for the patient to inhale, thus enabling them to breathe more easily).

It was at this point that the idea of setting up a charity to support people with breathing difficulties by supplying nebulisers to them via hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, community nurses etc, came to Dave. Asthma Relief was set up from Dave’s hospital bed. We are now donating (free of charge) more than 1,500 nebulisers every year to people of all ages throughout the UK. Due to the cost, nebulisers are not always freely available to people with breathing related illnesses.

Asthma Relief is a very cost effective charity which operates from a small office in Swindon. Dave still works tirelessly for charity today and is more than happy to carry out the work unpaid. Dave together with the charity manager, Patricia, and a small team of dedicated volunteers carry out all tasks required to provide the best possible service and ensure that the charity runs smoothly.

Asthma relief are looking to recruit  up to 5 new trustees to provide governance for the charity. If you are interested, please contact