Swindon & Wiltshire Coronavirus Response Fund

The Wiltshire Coronavirus Response Grants Programme supports the community and voluntary sector in response to the pandemic and its impact on individuals, communities and the voluntary sector.

The first phase of grants focuses on immediate relief. This means grants will be awarded to help organisations respond to immediate needs arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

Priority will be given initially to:

Secondarily, and dependent on sufficient funds being raised:

Most grants will be £1,000 – £5,000 with a few up to £10,000 or more. The size of grant will be flexible and will be dependent on the funds raised as well as the needs of organisations.

Who can apply?

Voluntary and community organisations who do not have a constitution or bank account can apply but must be linked with a constituted organisation or local statutory body, eg parish or town council and any grant will be paid to that organisation.

Who can not apply?

What can the grant pay for?

Your application can be for any reasonable costs related to relieving the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
This can include:

What can the grant not pay for?

We want to respond to emerging needs, so these criteria for may vary as the impact on communities develops.

How to apply

We currently have limited funds, raised through the National Emergencies Trust and our local Coronavirus Response Fund appeal, and want to get these funds quickly to where they can help with immediate needs most. Our capacity at the Foundation is limited (and compounded by working at home), so please don’t ask for funds unless you really are addressing COVID-19 related needs and need some funding to do so.

We recognise many voluntary sector groups are facing financial challenges as their income has reduced with the curtailment of activities, but we are not able to make funding available to help groups cope with loss of income at this point.

If sufficient funds are raised, applications for second phase funding to help groups cope with loss of income will be announced at a later date. This grants programme will remain open whilst the need persists and while funds from the NET Coronavirus Appeal and from our local Coronavirus Response Fund are available.

To apply please click here to access the short application form: Coronavirus Response Grant Application Form