Service Delivery Manager at Victim Support

The following is a vacancy from Victim Support.

Job Description

Job title: Service Delivery Manager
Band: 6
Department: Wiltshire
Reporting to: Senior Service Delivery Manager
Responsible for: Service Delivery, Volunteers, Service Delivery Assistant.


Main purpose of the job

To provide an effective and high quality service supporting victims of crime within a designated area. Ensuring that volunteering is at the heart of service delivery by managing, supporting and recruiting volunteers who will support victims of crime, ensuring service delivery and performance standards are maintained at all times.

Main duties and responsibilities


Change, Challenge and Improvement

Managing People & Teamwork


Generic responsibilities

Learning, Development and Training

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Health, Safety & Environment

Data Protection

Other Duties

Key Deliverables – Measures of success

Key Dimensions


Staff & volunteers



Unsocial Hours

This job description serves to illustrate the type and scope of the role and to provide an indication of the required level and breadth of responsibility.

Person Specification

Job Title: Service Delivery Manager
Department: Wiltshire


1. Knowledge and Experience



2. Skills and abilities


3. Qualifications


Special conditions

(S) = shortlisting criteria 6

Indicate which level is required for the post

DIMENSIONS Level for Post
Accountability for actions Direct decision making which could impact on others
Independence of action Considerable discretion – refers to higher levels
Complexity Work requiring discretion and judgement. Knowledge of a variety of procedures etc required
Relationships and communication skills required Frequent contact internally and externally, requires influencing, negotiation, diplomacy etc
Direction (supervision received) – Freedom to Act Work is managed, outcomes usually assessed on a monthly or agreed reporting basis
Demands of work Minimal demands on concentration

Victim Support in Wiltshire

Victim Support provides services to more than 1,200 people affected by crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in Wiltshire and Swindon.

Service Delivery Team

Our team consists of a Senior Service Delivery Manager, a Service Delivery Assistant, two full-time and two part-time Service Delivery Managers, a part-time Caseworker and an Anti-Social Behaviour Independent Victim Advocate. We also have a team of over 20 trained and supported volunteers who deliver longer-term support to people in the community. The Service Delivery Assistant’s role is to provide office management and support for the Service Delivery team. The Service Delivery Team receives daily referrals of victims of crime directly from Wiltshire Police, from victims themselves (some of whom will not have reported to the police), and from other organisations. The police force referrals are largely people who have experienced serious crime, those who are or might be vulnerable in some way, or those who have repeatedly experienced crime. The team makes prompt contact with victims in order to explore their support needs, to provide information about victim services and the criminal justice process, and to provide emotional and practical help where required. We also ensure that victims are referred on to relevant services so that other specialist needs are met.

The Service Delivery Managers allocate each victim to the specialist Caseworker or to one of the volunteers from the various communities of Wiltshire and Swindon, who themselves provide the majority of our help for victims. The Service Delivery Managers give ongoing case management support and supervision for the volunteers, and guidance and quality oversight to ensure that the support needs of victims of crime are met. Service Delivery Managers also take the lead in periodic recruitment, selection and induction of people who are interested in volunteering for Victim Support. Service Delivery Managers also undertake some of their own casework, working with people with particularly complex circumstances and needs.

All team members also contribute to the promotion and development of victim services in Wiltshire and Swindon, in community engagement and in fundraising activities.

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