Swindon200 is a projects that’s celebrates diversity and enables a space to raises issues of inequality in and around Swindon.



We believe in respecting all individuals and that equality underpins a healthy, dignified and well-functioning society. We value the presence of all members of our community, their voices and contribution. Our aspiration is that Swindon will become a model of fairness, inclusion, opportunity and fulfilment.

The Swindon Equality & Inclusion Charter

A campaign was developed and launched where over 60 local community/voluntary groups and organisations came together on the 21st January 2017 to the Swindon Community Conference, and thought of acts we do can make as organisations and individuals to celebrate diversity and become more aware of inclusion the results of the conference led to ‘The Swindon Equality & Inclusion Charter”

‘The Swindon Equality & Inclusion Charter” lists values, beliefs and commitments that we can make in order for Swindon to become a community of fairness, inclusion, opportunity and fulfilment and we are looking for YOU or YOUR organisation to join us!




It’s about difference that we can make when we can come together and work together to improve OUR town for the better!




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