Words Count – Five Ways a Word Limit Can Help Rather Than Hinder You

Funders often put limits on the number of words you are able to put into an application form, especially if it is online. Use this to your advantage and find ways to sharpen up your overall bid.

Here are five ways a word limit can help rather than hinder you:

1. You need to be focused and get to the root of your project – what is the need in your community?

2. You need to have clear, straightforward evidence of how you have identified this need.

3. Make sure you follow this up with how the project will address this need and how your activities will make a difference.

4. Explain how you will know if you have succeeded.

5. Practice reviewing your writing and remove any words that are not needed, especially any repetition. Always write in the active not passive voice by saying ‘”We will improve….” rather than “things will be improved…”.

A clear and concise application will be very welcome to funders who have the task of reading through numerous applications. Good luck!

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