Swindon Soup

What is Swindon Soup?

Bowl of soupOriginating in Detroit, Swindon Soup is a crowd-funding event for community projects. Sponsored by Excalibur Communications, the inaugural event will take place at their Head Office on Thursday 3rd December 2015.

The concept is simple, it’s a minimum of £5 to attend for everyone (you can donate more if you wish) and the purpose of the evening is watch around three people pitch an idea to improve their local community.

Once the ideas have been pitched everyone gets a bowl of soup to eat plus a chance to chat and mull over which pitch they want to vote for. When the votes have been counted the winner will receive all the cash raised on the night to go ahead and start their project.

This bi-monthly event aims to bring together people who share a desire for a better community. The added advantage is they also get to meet people and share ideas and resources. New connections are made and it brings the community closer together.

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