Early support is key to helping people

A number of local providers working to support mental health and financial hardship have come together to highlight the range of support on offer to everyone facing redundancy across the town.

Time to Change Swindon, who have been operational as a partnership for 18 months are now urging business leaders to promote local services to all their staff effected by organisational change and uncertainty.

The campaign video, which airs on social media on World Mental Health Day, showcases 4 business leaders across the town who support the campaign messages, signposting to a centralised website, which lists all free or low costs services available to residents of Swindon.

Time to Change Swindon also wants the friends and family members of those facing redundancy to promote the website in hope that their loved one will seek support early into a redundancy process.

Pam Webb, CEO of voluntary Action Swindon says “The Time to Change Swindon partnership brings together a range of organisations focussed on providing the best possible advice and support to local people in these unprecedented times – I would recommend everyone to find the one and half minutes to watch this short video as it’s likely we or a family member will all know somebody that will find it helpful and might just prompt them to take the first step to seek help and advice that they didn’t know was available”

Claire Newport, CEO of Citizens Advice in Swindon says “We have helped people with a huge range of issues since lockdown, but we know that as the furlough scheme draws to an end, lots of people may be feeling worried and need advice. We are here to help and can offer advice to anyone about their money worries, employment rights and benefits entitlement. The worry of redundancy and financial insecurity can be overwhelming, but you do not have to face this alone. We would urge anyone who is unsure or struggling with these issues or their mental and emotional wellbeing to take the first step to get help as soon possible”

Swindon Borough Councillor Ford says “I really comment this initiative, many people are experiencing unexpected situations or new emotional worries as a result of COVID-19 and may not be used to seeking help – this initiatives reminds us all that it’s OK to need help sometimes”

Time to Change Swindon, which is a community run initiative have opted to use the Swindon Borough Council website as it has a broad range of services on offer, but people should contact the services listed directly for more information.

Media contacts:
Charlie Paradise – Swindon Borough Council Mental Health Champion – 07584 151307 – CParadise@swindon.gov.uk
Pam Webb – CEO, Voluntary Action Swindon 07717 874880 – pam@vas-swindon.org
Claire Newport – CEO Citizens Advice Swindon 01793 402103 – chiefofficer@swindon.cabnet.org.uk

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