Swindon Equality Coalition Annual General Meeting

The Swindon Equality Coalition invites you to attend their Annual General Meeting due to be held at Voluntary Action Swindon, 1 John Street, Swindon, SN1 1RT on Thursday 16th June commencing at 4pm.

At the meeting the coalition will be electing a number of people to the Coalition Working Group, recognising their Annual Report and having a discussion about the future direction of the group.

There are some changes afoot which should be a healthy challenge to the members of the Coalition. Up to the present, the Borough Council has called upon the Coalition to provide representatives to serve on the Equality Advisory Forum, which is its instrument to ensure that the community might inform and scrutinise its ways and means from an equality perspective. As our Local Authority is facing challenges to work as effectively as possible with diminishing resources, there is a need to ensure that future time, agenda and process are as clear and focused as possible. This means that the Equalities Advisory Forum needs to ensure that the ethos of discussion is incisive, critical and constructive execution of its agenda.

With this in mind, our election this year will be looking for people who can sense check and undertake enquiry of the community so that the Borough can be informed about issues of equality experience.

I take this opportunity to say thank you to those who’ve come to the close of their term of election they are; Salas Khan, Martin Kelly and Rosemarie Phillips. We are also saying farewell at this time to Lynnette Glass. I am stepping down as Chair of the Coalition having held this office for a number of years.

With the challenges that Voluntary Action Swindon are facing both workforce and resource wise, the Coalition will need to examine how it can continue to manage its business, record its meetings and communicate its agenda to the wider community. So there is much to consider.

With all the above in view, I do hope that you will take the time to join us and do the business in hand and consider the future.

With my very best wishes.

Stephen Henderson

Chair of Swindon Equality Coalition

To confirm a place at the AGM, please email the Chair of Swindon Equality Coalition stephenjhenderson@virginmedia.com and VAS Reception at info@vas-swindon.org

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